Offers avenues for cultural exchange - paving the way for the understanding and appreciation of the diversity of cultures


Maintain the international exchange programs, promote and provide multicultural education, and promote the Fair Trade.



(Japanese Language Nagomi Education)

Study with Japanese students, discover the Japanese culture,
and improve your Japanese language skills while living in Japan! JLNE program is hold twice a year, during summer and winter.

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Nagomi Korean Classroom

(Japanese Language Nagomi Education)

University students from Korea and Kumamoto citizens will study the Korean language on a one-to-one basis, exchange cultures, and interact in a multicultural coexistence.

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Internship in Korea

There is 16-week unpaid internship opportunity provided for university students in Korea.

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Community Volunteer Activities

Participants are given the opportunities to volunteer in the Japanese community to contribute and maintain the sustainability within the community.

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 Video of JLNE Program


ACOPIA in Seoul

Apart from the activities in Japan, ACOPIA also have activities in Korea which are all opened to application.